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Gateway Start-up Summer School 2024

@ InnoDom Cologne, Weyertal 109, 50931 Köln


Do you have an idea but lack the knowledge necessary to put it into action? You want to run your own business, but you still need to work on your idea. Then sign up for the Gateway Summer School and start from scratch.

Learn how to build your own successful business, whether it's based on a product, an app, a scientific innovation, or a nonprofit organization. We will assist you in bringing your idea to life by helping you with everything from idea validation to the lean startup canvas to the investor pitch.

You don't have an idea, but you're interested in starting your own start-up? It's not a problem; you can collaborate on one of the other ideas.

Who can participate?
Students and PhDs of the University of Cologne—both with and without an original idea of their own