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Circular Tech Forum

Join Us at the CircularTech Forum!

@ InnoDom Cologne

We're excited to invite you to the CircularTech Forum, an event for anyone interested in the circular economy and digital innovation.

The CircularTech Forum will feature networking opportunities, keynotes on circular economy collaboration and digital product passports, panel discussions on economic growth and trust-building, and a networking dinner.

Event Highlights:

• Focus on Key Sectors: Insights into EV Batteries, Textiles, Furniture, Construction, Cosmetics, and Electronics.

• Digital Product Passport Discussions: Understand how digital solutions are driving sustainable practices.

• Policy and Financing: Learn about the challenges and opportunities in financing circular transitions.

Why Attend?

• Network with professionals and experts in the field.

• Gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in the circular economy.

• Participate in discussions that could shape the future of sustainable practices.

Be Part of the Change:

• Engage with a community dedicated to making a difference.

• Explore systemic change and the digital transformation of the circular economy.

Don't miss this opportunity and secure your spot.