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Teamname: aiconver

Members: Christoph Kling




From AI research into practice

Currently, companies are struggling with problems such as a shortage of skilled workers, the loss of knowledge of baby boomers retiring, and capacity bottlenecks.

Our AI also provides career changers with an immediate, complete overview of knowledge relevant to their work topics of predecessors and colleagues, effectively combating expensive duplication of work and errors.

Making the internal content of all organizations comprehensively accessible with one click.

With this vision, data scientists Maryam Mehrazar and Dr. Christoph Kling impressed the jury of the BMWi's EXIST start-up grant, which promotes highly innovative technologies from research. They had previously a coveted place in the InsurLab Germany Accelerator and the Future Champions Accelerator.

In 2023, aiconver was awarded the start-up grant from the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs. The founders used the funding to turn the AI developed by Dr. Kling as part of his developed by Dr. Kling as part of his doctorate into a user-friendly app. into a user-friendly app.

Developing our own AI models for innovative solutions

aiconver GmbH is one of the few German businesses that not only uses artificial intelligence but also creates its own AI models in order to provide creative solutions, from mathematical models to implementation.

We offer user-friendly, AI-based solutions for the more efficient use and exchange of information. We support employees in complex activities so that they can achieve even achieve even better results - and preserve jobs in the long term. remain intact.

Out of conviction, we protect the data of customers and users to a particularly high degree. In this way, we make a contribution to the responsible use of artificial intelligence.

How did you come up with your idea?

Through interviews and collaboration with many, many practitioners from knowledge-intensive professions such as product developers, managers,
marketing specialists.

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Computer Science


On average, around 11% of working time is lost due to unnecessary duplication of work lost - but only at companies that don't use our AI ;)

What has Gateway helped you with?

Gateway has provided valuable support in various key areas. These include product development, team building, marketing, networking with experts and companies, motivation.

Actually in all areas except software development! We can highly recommend Gateway's consultants and the networking events!