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Members: Arne Maercker, Dennis Prausse, Jan Zaabe





Algenfels is all about creating a unique gin with microalgae.

Micro algae are not the algae that bug you on the beach during your summer vacation. They are microscopically small, single-celled plant organisms that have an enormously high potential for nutrients and ingredients. One type of microalgae is the so-called "Chlorella vulgaris", which gives our gin drinks a wonderful green color.

Our products

Our product is the ALGENFELS Gin. Probably the first gin with micro algae in which the micro algae "Chlorella vulgaris" is used as a main botanical in the distillation process. Not only is it used in the distillation process, but it can also be added in powder form when creating your drink. Chlorella algae is without question the defining ingredient of our gin. We rely on absolute classics such as juniper and coriander to complete the taste. Orange blossom and lemon zest additionally provide a pleasantly fresh citrus note. The result is a refreshing, wonderfully green summer drink.

The story behind ALGENFELS

The idea to create a gin originated from our partner startup Phytolinc, which is also represented at the Gateway of the University of Cologne. Besides the optimal production of valuable micro algae species, Phytolinc is constantly working on innovative products from the exciting single-celled organisms.

The ALGENFELS Gin was initially intended only as a Christmas gift for partners, supporters and friends. Due to the terrific feedback we did not hesitate and directly ordered the second batch. In the meantime, we can look forward to Batch#4 of ALGENFELS Gin.

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