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Healthy Vegan Cakes

We've created snack cakes with healthier ingredients which you wouldn't expect in a cake. BETTER CAKEZ combines taste and great nutrients. Our cakes contain no industrial sugar, additives, gluten, lactose, and soy. They are entirely vegan.

Our plan is to build a product line in the future that combines intelligent recipes, indulgent taste and finest natural and organic ingredients.

A Game-Changing Snack

We quickly realized that BETTER CAKEZ could be a game-changer for many. According to studies, 91% of Germans think it´s important to eat healthily. Despite this fact sweets are still consumed by 22% of Germans daily and 46% several times a week. Only 1% of Germans never indulge in sweets. This indicates a strong desire for healthy eating, but most find it challenging to stop being a sweet-tooth.

We want you to snack, but we want you to snack in a healthier way. Apart from the inner values of our cakes, taste is our top priority.

Incredibly Delicious Cake To Go

BETTER CAKEZ is the first concept in Germany that combines super delicious cake To Go with the aim of incorporating healthy ingredients, allergy/intolerance-friendliness and a long shelf life.

The innovation lies in the health-focused recipe, as well as the combination of extended shelf life without refrigeration, good digestibility, and the fact that all of this is available To Go.

How did you come up with your idea?

Isabelle traded her career as a lawyer for a life in the bakery. Why? 

Isabelle had struggled with health problems for a long time due to food intolerances and had to give up eating her beloved cakes. The food intolerance was both: a curse and a blessing. A curse because cakes became off-limits overnight due to her gluten intolerance and a blessing because she now truly learned to eat more healthily and be more specific in her diet.

Gluten, lactose, and similar ingredients are hidden almost everywhere. She couldn't accept having to permanently give up really good cakes. 

So she initially created cakes for herself that tasted just as good as the unhealthy ones she loved, but with the difference that she only used ingredients that are compatible with most intolerances and generally healthier. 

Her initial creations convinced her circle of friends and acquaintances so much that she was quickly encouraged not to keep her creations to herself but to offer them to all other cake lovers out there. 

After over 2 years of experimenting it finally happened: Isabelle found a flour mixture and recipes that tasted incredibly delicious. This is how BETTER CAKEZ was born with our mission to make sweet treats healthier and delicious at the same time.

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Isabelle completed the first state examination in law (the main compulsory part) and previously worked in various companies in sales.

She is mainly supported by Günter and Clara. Günter, after completing his training as a farmer, pursued a baker apprenticeship and obtained the title of Master Baker. He was the owner of an organic bakery for over 20 years.

Clara studied business administration and worked, among other roles, as a lecturer in Marketing Management at the University West London and a manager in a social foundation.

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

Gateway has particularly helped us with funding, trademark registration/patent rights, and the development of our business model. Various events provided opportunities to further refine our pitching skills in front of an audience.

The co-working space at the InnoDom fosters a good and welcoming atmosphere among founders and Gateway staff.