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Blackbox City combines state-of-the-art data technology with traditional gastronomy.

High Performers have to think too much and too often about what they want & should eat during the day. In stressful situations, culinary decisions are often quickly made and subsequently regretted.

Our virtual Food Concierge hands you a tool that answers these questions for you. We are able to make meal recommendations that suit you & that are good for you, to guide you to specific offers near you.

We find great value in an individual and personalized customer experience and believe that trust can only be created between people , as well as between people and digital tools with a certain degree of empathy.

In a registration process for your service, we create a preference data profile together with you to use it as a basis for your individual recommendation process. We collect additional data points to recommend dishes that not only fit you as a person, but also fit the situation you are in.

Through an exclusive scoring process, we are able to assign scores to the dishes we recommend based on your personal health goals, as well as sustainability metrics. This feature allows you to track the extent to which you are eating the way you really want to. We turn the advice service into a concierge service by subsequently directing you to suitable offers in your area.

Our recommendation tool is applicable to a wide variety of Use Cases - from pickup orders, to delivery orders, to recipe referrals & restaurant tips.

We empower you to eat healthy in an effortless approach, so you can feel better about yourself and be the best version of yourself despite stresses & moods.

How did you come up with your idea?

The first five years after graduating from high school, I got to serve food & drinks professionally to people on three different continents. I worked as a semi-professional bartender, waiter & soon as a restaurant manager. 

During this time I got to watch people eat what they eat, how they eat & I got to start asking myself the question of why people actually eat what they eat. This question accompanied me through my subsequent business studies and my first work experiences in the IT industry.

The question - why people actually eat what they eat - & the realization that people often make the wrong culinary choices form the cornerstone for the creation of Blackbox City.

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Business Administration University of Cologne, Bartender, Waiter, Restaurant-/barmanager, DevOps in IT Companies

A Funfact

We make the love for food to our profession!

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

Gateway ESC gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with other founders and to take a glance into the future.

We benefit from the learnings of others and enjoy sharing our own learnings. Our coach Evelyn is a great support in making decisions and defining new processes.

In addition, the shared workplace is an enrichment for the sense of unity of the Cologne start-up scene.

Want to know more?

You''ll find all the latest information about Blackbox City on LinkedIn - check it out and stay up to date!