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The Team

Teamname: bNear.io




Start-up name + company name: bNear.io (bNear GmbH)

Founders: Malte Hendricks, Sascha Theismann, Fritz Fried, Martin Lang

Founded in: 2022

University at which you study/work and faculty(s): Business Informatics at the University of Cologne

We solve the problems of home office isolation, one-dimensional team communication and digital collaboration in enterprises.

Analogous to the "real" office, bNear creates new places in a spatial environment for more efficient collaboration, chance encounters, spontaneous interactions and informal exchanges - fostering information supply, creativity, team spirit and motivation, in hybrid and remote teams.

Not only due to the Corona pandemic, remote & hybrid work models are becoming more and more popular - however, this "New Work" trend is accompanied by several hurdles:

1. isolation of employees in the home office;

2. one-dimensional communication, taking place almost exclusively via scheduled appointments and phone calls;

3. hardly any personal exchange as well as informal interaction within the workforce; lower motivation and employee loyalty as well as higher fluctuation.

As a result, employees feel disconnected, have a lower commitment to the company, and exhibit lower work motivation.

bNear solves these problems and puts employees back at the center.

More efficient digital collaboration

A central element is the visual representation of a team floor. Here, the team sits together again at one table. In addition, a table conversation is automatically initiated via a common team call. Spontaneous conversations are thus also possible in the digital world.

Seamless integration into the Microsoft world also allows calendar entries, appointments and meetings to be displayed visually. Another option are digital project rooms in which employees meet in a special project context. Predefined project processes and direct access to the necessary tools ensure more efficient digital collaboration.

bNear is able to visually display Microsoft applications as well as third-party systems.