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Teamname: Compounder

Members: Evelyn Wagner, Carmine Siena, Paula Vorbeck






Compounder is the first platform to make the student application process more efficient both for prospective students and private universities.

We are Evelyn, Mino and Paula, the three founders of Compounder. When we applied for admission to our studies in Cologne back then, we realized how long it actually takes to get the study place you want. First you have to find universities and courses that are right for you, compare admission requirements and - if you're applying for several spots - upload your application documents several times to different portals. "There has to be an easier way," we thought - and launched Compounder.

On Compounder, prospective students can easily create a profile, upload their application documents and use this profile to apply directly via the platform for their desired degree programs.

We also provide a great advantage to private universities, as Compounder automatically checks incoming applications for completeness and admission - something that is possible for the first time. This means that universities will know as soon as they receive the applications if, for example, a foreign student applicant will be admitted immediately or first has to complete a preparatory year at a study college.

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