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The Team

Teamname: dreaMENU

Members: Sven Stahlmann, Sören Stahlmann, Stephan Stahlmann, Niklas Richter





Start-up: dreaMENU – Stahlmann UG

Founded in: 2021

With dreaMENU, we want to drive the trend of digitalisation in gastronomic businesses quickly and easily. Our open-source solution makes it possible to view the menu directly at the table without additional hardware or apps, to order and finally to settle via known payment services.

The goal is to counteract the increasing lack of staff and to effectively support restaurateurs in their work, as well as to bring the new world of "digital gastronomy" closer to the guests.

The fully digital order system for the gastronomy

Customers can place, add and pay for their orders quickly and easily without an additional app or hardware. The unique open-source structure allows the system to be used without a main cash register or complex IT infrastructure.

Gastronomes are thus in a position to push ahead with digitalisation and to counteract the current acute staff shortage. Thanks to the already existing cooperation with well-known POS systems, direct booking into the existing POS system is even possible.

dreaMENU is thus an important and affordable step for every customer to optimise effectiveness and workflows. The basis of dreaMENU leaves a lot of room for individual extensions and customized solutions.

Our aim is to change the gastronomy in a sustainable way and to make digital solutions accessible for everyone with an attractive price structure.

How did you get together as a team?

The dreaMENU team consists of four founders. Sven, Sören and Stephan have known each other as brothers for ages and thus form the family and technical part of our team. 

Niklas joined through common friends and complements the team in the fields of sales and marketing. 

Together, we have been realising our plans since 2021.

How did you come up with your idea?

The first idea for digital support for the gastronomy sector came up during the first Corona movement.

Several restaurants were suddenly confronted with numerous measures, such as the obligation to track contact data. The first step with dreaMENU as a digital menu and integrated contact data collection was quickly implemented and programmed. Due to the increasing demand and the ever worsening shortage of staff, especially in the service sector, it quickly became clear to us that the journey of dreaMENU was not over yet.

Other concepts and ideas quickly followed as to how and where our product should develop... into a digital all-rounder for the gastronomy sector. Thus the idea of dreaMENU as a digital companion in the ordering process was born.

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Sven - Bachelor and Master in Information Systems, currently PhD student at the University of Cologne with focus on complex IT systems

Sören - Bachelor and Master in Business Mathematics, practical experience in various start-ups, currently Data Engineer at REWE

Stephan - Bachelor & Master in Computer Science, currently Software Engineer at DSA

Niklas - Bachelor in Business Administration, currently project and event manager at 3HundertSechzig° Event Agency