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The Team

Teamname: MedLink

Members: Philipp Busse, Lukas Antczak, Dr. Philipp Antczak

Founders: Philipp Busse, Lukas Antczak, Dr. Philipp Antczak

Resolve staff shortages: fast - effective - digital

What do we do?

Our mobile- and web-based platform is designed to automate the process of managing and staffing substitute shifts in clinics with external professionals in a direct way.

MedLink uses innovative solutions to help medical organizations to better manage staff planning and connect them with a large pool of highly qualified clinical professionals who want to work on flexible terms and attractive conditions. To do this, we optimize and modernize the entire clinical workforce value chain, from internal workforce management to external workforce networking.

Our goal

We aim to be a sparring partner for HR management, using individualized digital solutions to sustainably improve healthcare and counteract the shortage of skilled personnel.