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SIEVE Plastic

The Team

Teamname: SIEVE Plastic




Start-up: SIEVE Plastic
Founders: Anna Lansing, Sebastian Tettenborn
Founded in: 2021
University at which you study/work and faculty(s): Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne

What is your idea about?

Sieve produces surf fins locally and from recycled materials. For this purpose, the plastic lids of water bottles are used, which are collected and processed in Germany. These are then compounded and processed into our surf fins in an injection molding process.

With this product, we want to show how circular processes can be thought of and realized in the economy.

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

The Gateway ESC supported us with the Accelerator during our early startup phase. We had the chance to attend many insightful workshops, to ask experts a lot of questions and to make use of the Gateway's large network.

Furthermore, sharing ideas and experiences with the other start-ups has been very motivating.

Got curious?

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