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The Team

Teamname: Unico

Members: Emil Bösmann, Moritz Kobler

Finding exclusive brands quickly? Difficult.

During one of our first conversations, Moritz and I realized that it was difficult for us to find exclusive brands that matched our individual style and desire for uniqueness in clothing. The time-consuming search frustrated us. We complained to friends, acquaintances and relatives and found out: They felt the same way!

After real customer interviews, we realized that this problem affects all age groups. This is exactly where we want to start.

The marketplace for small, unique brands.

We are creating a marketplace where precisely these smaller, unique brands are represented and where you can find clothes that are perfectly tailored to you in the shortest possible time. With interactive features, we offer you an exciting shopping experience and ensure that you store "nicer things".

But we don't just want to offer "nicer" things, we want to create a place that helps you express your personality. Your clothes tell your story, and our marketplace is the place to find it!


The first people we talked to about our problem were our mothers. So our idea was only really born during one of those classic "mothers always know everything" conversations.