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The Team

Teamname: Vytal

Members: Sven Witthoeft, Dr. Fabian Barthel, Dr. Tim Breker







Welcome to reusable!

VYTAL was founded by Sven Witthoeft, Dr. Fabian Barthel and Dr. Tim Breker in Cologne. The start-up has a digital reusable system with high-quality, 100% leak-proof bowls for takeaway and delivery meals without a deposit. It is targeted at canteen operators, restaurants, supermarkets and delivery services that are fighting the disposable packaging craze and pay VYTAL per fill.

To consumers, VYTAL is similar to other sharing services such as eScooters. Customers register in the VYTAL app once or buy an offline VYTAL card and can use it to borrow and return freshly rinsed bowls from any partner.

The entire process is handled digitally via the QR code labels of the VYTAL Bowls.

Reminders, incentives, gamification and promotions are used to motivate users to use and return the bowl regularly in the future, maximizing the economic and environmental value of the system.

VYTAL makes waste reduction in to-go consumption super convenient!