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Workshop Go-Bio Initial - Module 2 (in 🇬🇧)

@ InnoDom Cologne, Weyertal 109, Floor 1-Room 3, 50931 Cologne

The Go-Bio Initial funding program from BMBF is an attractive funding for young researchers to fund their own position and explore valorisation of their research. The application requires a short 5-pager in which the idea and its innovation potential needs to be explained.

With our Go-Bio Initial Booster, we support you with your application. The Booster consists of 2 modules, which can be attended separately (no registration required).

Module 2 - Workshop

On November, 21st, 12 – 2 pm we will have a workshop, where we will work together on your application. We will give tips on how to identify the potential use-case for your research and on how to write the application. The workshop will be on-site at Innodom Cologne.

If you are interested in joining the workshop, please send us an e-mail.

More information about Go-Bio Initial

🔬 What is GO-Bio Initial?

The GO-Bio initial funding initiative supports the identification and further development of new ideas or early research approaches with recognizable innovation potential. Aim of the program is to enable and facilitate the transfer of promising ideas into products. Normally, a funding requires a very concrete concept for implementation or extensive preliminary data. With GO-Bio Initial, you need nothing but an innovative idea.

💡 Why Choose GO-Bio Initial?

Traditional funding demands detailed plans from day one. At the start of your innovation journey, you often have nothing more than a visionary idea. That is where GO-Bio comes in. Here, the initial phase is already being funded, even without patented tech, because the path to success is not always clear from the very beginning. GO-Bio Initial funding is provided over 3 years. In the first year, a sum of up to 100,000EUR can be awarded, in the second and third year up to 1,000,000EUR. The funding also includes, among other things, further qualification, travel and personnel costs.

👩‍🔬 Who's Eligible?

If you're a Master's candidate, a PhD student or a postdoc at the advanced stage of your research project, GO-Bio initial is your platform. Those at the crossroads of their careers are encouraged through innovations in the areas of "therapeutic agents," "diagnostic reagents," "platform technologies," and "research tools."

🌟 How Can Our Go-Bio Initial Booster Support You?

Our focus: turning your life sciences research into commercial successes. In our Go-Bio Initial Booster consisting of an information session and a workshop, we will be on hand to help you bridge the gap between research and transfer. During these dates, we provide advice and support in the application process.